vrijdag 21 augustus 2015

The path of the least resistance

Desires are a part of human nature, but there is a difference between wanting and actually receiving. Sometimes there is hope and there are many dreams about things without ever drawing it into our reality. This doesn't mean the law of attraction isn't working, it means that even though you've had an intention towards your desire, you weren't on the receiving frequency. 

As mentioned before like attracts like, therefore it is important to get on to the same frequency as your desires. Wanting often comes with doubting. You want something, but you can't believe you can actually draw it into your reality. That creates resistance towards the desire and blocks it from coming in. People often manifest the things they want when they have forgotten about it. Why? As soon as they can forget about it, they release the resistance creating a free path for it all to come to them. This can be a long process.

The way to manifest without losing the focus that is needed is to monitor our feelings. Happiness is the path of the least resistance. We often don't know how the Universe is going to bring us the things we want. The easiest way to tab into the receiving frequency is to feel good and trust the process. We preach happiness for a reason. Every happy vibe you send out comes back to you, putting you in a state of receiving all that you want and more.

Be happy.