woensdag 25 maart 2015

The happystepz photochallenge rules

Dear happiness frontiers!

We are delighted you are joining the photochallenge! With all the newborns in the animal kingdom, Spring often feels like a new start.  During this period the earth smiles at you with flowers, so why not smile back by taking a photo of all this wonderfulness?

During 30 days each day we will post a photo of a quote on Instagram and this blog. It is your task to photograph your ideas/ interpretations of these quotes. Sharing your photos is optional. It’s something you do in order to lift your own happiness vibration, however we would love it if you DO share them with us! The best photo will win a price! For now we will be keeping the price a secret.

If you would like to compete for the photo of the day or the best photo overall, there are different ways to share your photo’s with us:
Follow us on Instagram @happystepz and tag your photos #happystepzchallenge
Like Happystepz on facebook and post your pictures on our wall
Send your photo to our email: happystepz2014@gmail.com

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Be happy and with love,

Ilona and Ana

dinsdag 17 maart 2015

Happystepz challenge; 30 stepz towards awareness

Hello happiness frontiers, just two more weeks until the start of our very first Happystepz challenge. We hope you are as excited as we are to start our happiness awareness journey this April 1st. Remember the rules? 
30 days, 30 quotes, one picture a day.   

It is that simple. Each day we will post a happiness related quote on our blog and your assignment is to take a picture inspired by that quote and post it on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag all your photos with #happystepzchallenge and mention the day or quote. This way we can enjoy each other’s creativity and interpretation of a meaningful quote. And as an extra bonus at the end of our 30 day challenge we will choose and post one of your tagged pictures on our blog. One picture that we believe captured the meaning of that particular quote the best. 

However this challenge is not about the best picture or most interesting interpretation of a quote. This challenge is to inspire you to be more in the now, be aware of the happiness and light in your life. Look through your happy lens and see all the joyful colors of the world you live in. At the end of our 30 day journey we hope you achieve an appreciation for all the beauty and bliss you already have in your life.

Be happy and with love,
Ilona & Ana

woensdag 11 maart 2015

The happystepz challenge; A 30 day awareness game.

If the twelve months of every year would represent a miss world competition, February would win the Miss No Flow cup with flying colors. It's our least favorite month of the year when nothing seems to be flowing and you've hit something that feels like the great wall, not of China, but of your emotions. Basically you have reached the end point to every optimistic start you made in January, only that long winter that never seems to end lingers on. By the time we are modestly welcomed into a new month by March it’s about time to turn those tables around. That’s the reason March is represented as Miss Bloom, a month of new opportunities and where new ideas are born. We've came up with the following idea; Let's turn these dreadful winter months into a beautiful start of this spring by making a 30 day photo challenge out of it. The thought alone lifted our mood by tenfold. So let us explain:


These are the rules: during these 30 days we will post a happiness related quote on Instagram and this blog each day and your task is to take a photo of something of your interpretation of this quote. Difficult? Not at all!
Let's practice a little bit!

When I say happy! You say sunshine!
When I say zen! You say beach!
When I say mindfulness! You say yoga mat!
When I say gratitude is your new attitude! You say my daily morning coffee!

We will post our own photo interpretation of these quotes every day as well.
Follow us on Instagram @happystepz
Tag all your photos #happystepzchallenge

By doing this Happystepz challenge we will take happiness to another level. It's a process of awareness and living in the now and if you join us we will show you how YOU can also reach this state of mind. Redirect your mind and attract the life you want. One step at a time.

Be happy and with love,
Ilona and Ana