donderdag 31 december 2015

One year of happiness blogging

We have been bad parents. How can we’ve possibly let December pass without celebrating our blog child's first birthday! Exactly one year ago, and a few days perhaps, our Happystepz child was born. We could not have been more proud! Our blog baby, ready to be born and raised. Ready to be nurtured and loved. After her first hesitant steps, she went full speed ahead towards her future. Skipping on the happiness road, while sniffing on some delicate flowers along the way. We can’t be happiness bloggers without adding some cheesiness to the story of course ;).

Like any other parents we have big plans for our child. Maybe she can write a book someday, or become a famous Vlogger. Whatever the plans, we have always educated her that some things are more important. If you talk to people inspire them. If you make a plan, go through with it. If you have some thoughts share it with the world. Joy will always be our base to start. It has been this past year and it will be this upcoming year. We would like to encourage you to do the same. If you want to achieve something today or attract your desires into your life don't wait. Good things come to those who take action.
Taking action will be our theme this upcoming year. Join hands and take those steps forward with us! Thank you for your support us this past year and lets make 2016 a party we will never forget!
Happy New Year!
Ilona and Ana

woensdag 9 december 2015

Ode to December

Dear December,

Thank you for all the lights during these dark days and for all the songs that get stuck on repeat.
Thank you for giving us delicious treats and a smile to keep.
Thank you for keeping us warm and fuzzy on the inside during these cold winter nights.
Thank you for teaching us that sharing and giving is a precious gift.

These are just a few reasons why all the other months are jealous of you.
December you truly are beautiful.

With love, Ana

vrijdag 4 december 2015

How to deal with feedback attack

Feedback comes in many ways, but not often in a way we like to perceive it. Even positively intended, it can hit you like an unexpected punch, right in your face, knocking you out, leaving you unconscious. By the time you regain consciousness the time for a proper reaction has passed. Maybe you can take the hit better in round two. It does make you wonder, why do we always feel the need to defend ourselves when under "attack"?

I personally admit I can feel offended by feedback when I didn't ask for it. Feedback is like looking in the mirror on days you know you have a bad hairdo and you don't want to be reminded. Unwanted feedback is a happy state destroyer. Let's face it, the delivery of a message either negative or positive is an art form not mastered by many. I want to look into that mirror by choice, on days when I feel like it. When I don't like what I see and change is needed, I decide when I take matters into my own hand. Unfortunately, I also have to wake up and smell the coffee sometimes. If you have never taken a hit, you wouldn't ever have known how strong you can be.

So how do I take feedback? I use the what I call filter system. Perceive the things that seem useful even if I don't like to hear it, and toss all the things that I think are useless over my shoulder. This is a skill that can be mastered by everybody, but it has to be trained. When the feedback that is given goes over and over in your mind, write it down in key words. Subsequently divide those key words in two groups. One group that matches your personal process and that you'll find useful. The second group that matches your shuffle it up your ass standards and that you find useless. Write the keywords on two separate piece of papers, tear the useless (shuffle it up your ass) paper up, toss it over your shoulder and let it go. From this point on stop thinking about it. Life is about whatever brings you joy and brain racking insecurities will never make that work for you.

Be happy,