woensdag 27 mei 2015

Bohemian joy: ten stepz to increase your spring happiness

Spring is a happy time. Nature is in full bloom, the sun is out and even the raindrops create beautiful rainbows. It is the season of new beginnings and rebalance. Soak up vitamin D on those first sunshinny days and make sure you are fully reloaded for a beautiful and adventures summer.

A healthy mind and body is important to keep you happily skipping along your journey.  Here are our top ten must do's this spring to get you into that perfect BoJoy spirit. What is BoJoy you ask? Well, if bohemian is this years look and joy is what we live for than we declare bohemian joy to be this years happiness statement.

So without further ado here is our top ten;

1 Nourishing your mind by taking a well deserved break at a cozy coffee place is just what the doctor ordered. Find a place where you feel at home and relax. If you love cats, like to follow the latest trends, and want to cuddle while eating delicious cake you might want to visit one of the cat cafes that are popping up in a lot of major cities around the world.

2 Get out of the house and enjoy a spring walk along the beach or the park. Take your time walking and be one with your surroundings. Listen to the soothing sounds of nature. Be at peace, simply by appreciating all the beauty around you.

3 For a healthy body make sure you eat right. Start your mornings with a healthy smoothy or a bowl of yoghurt full of vitamins. To make eating healthy a little more fun, try to grow your own fruits and vegs. Urban gardening is IT at the moment. You do not even need to have a big garden or amazing skills to grow strawberries or tomatoes. You can buy these type of plants already partly grown. The only thing you have to do is give it some TLC and water.

4 Make plans to go on a trip with your friends or loved ones during the summer. Spend the entire weeks prior having fun just thinking about it and planning every detail of your trip. Choose the perfect vacay playlist, coordinate your outfits with your friends, so you can take the perfect selfies. You will get tons of happy energy from all the pre-fun.

5 Pimp up your ride. This year go all out and get your car or your bike some accessories. This will not only make your ride look great but it will also give you much joy every time you look at your happy hippy ride. Smiling like crazy guaranteed.

6 Make sure you soak up plenty of vitamin D. If the sun is out than so should you. Vitamine D has many benefits. It improves your immune system, makes your bones and teeth strong. Deficiency can cause depression and low energy, so keep your mind healthy and soak up those vitamins.

7 Yoga, meditation or Tai Chi is a good way to keep your mind and body in balance. Not for you? Try hula hooping and check off that list. Bringing back those happy childhood memories. Check. Getting into shape. Check. Laughing like crazy. Check.

8 The festival season officially started. Make sure you have the perfect festival outfit, temporary tattoos and accessories to make your bohemian look complete. Festivals are great mood boosters. The atmosphere is very relaxing, fun and definitely BoJoy.

9 A perfect summer is filled with long summer nights having fun with family and friends. Telling stories, dancing to music and eating good food. Pick out a spot in your garden or terrace and create the perfect BBQ/hangout place for those summer nights. Decorate it with lounge pillows, flowers, candles and whatever makes you happy.

10 For romantic summer nights redecorate your bedroom. Fill it with roses, seashells and soothing nature sounds. Create a peaceful space where you feel relaxed. A place where you can read a book, enjoy romantic evenings with a loved one or simple fall peacefully into sleep. Most people have a tv or a laptop in the bedroom nowadays. Turn it off and turn the tranquility on.

Hope these tips will get you into the bohemian joy spirit and ready for a perfect summer.

With love, Ana

vrijdag 15 mei 2015

Joy is manifesting your desires

" Find out where your joy resides and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all." ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

We all have desires. It is our natural flow of life. For some, their desires come into their lives with ease, while others live in struggle and can't seem to manifest all they want. Maybe you have heard about the law of attraction. In short it is often explained as the law where like attracts like. All in life, everything around us, including ourselves, is made of energy. Everything moves and vibrates. We attract everything in life on the level we vibrate. Our emotions vibrate on energy levels and everything that we attract is a match to those vibrations. However, the law of attraction is more than like attracts like, it is also dislike attracts dislike. Doubt, fear and anxiety for instance, are emotions that vibrate on a low energy level. They are the manifestation blockers of our desires, because happiness and joy vibrate on a different high energy level. Unfortunately, when we are in doubt, we attract doubt. Just like fear attracts fear and so on. Your desires are always on the level of joy and love. Therefore if we want to manifest all the things we love and enjoy, the most important thing is to feel good. The theory sounds so simple, but in practice it is where most of us fail, because our current reality is a manifestation of our past emotions and feelings. Changing your circumstances is not easy when your current reality hits you in the face. It is important to have patience. Change in reality only happens if you persist in changing your thoughts. It is not until your positive feelings outnumber your negative feelings that you change your reality. If you want to manifest the life you want you need to tune into the right energy frequency first. Therefore, if you miss the joy you miss it all.



vrijdag 8 mei 2015

The happystepzchallenge: Memories

Dear happiness frontiers,

The happystepzchallenge ended a few days ago. We hope you had as much fun participating in the challenge as we had in creating it.

We have posted inspirational, funny and helpful quotes for a period of 30 days and asked you to take pictures inspired by these quotes. We were pleased to see all your wonderful interpretations. Seeing and reading your stories made us very happy.

As promised, we have a little surprise for the person whose creativity captured a quote the very best. After some deliberating we have decided that not one but two people embraced the spirit of the challenge to the fullest and deserve the spotlight. Esther and Linda you have truly conquered the happystepzchallenge. Thank you ladies for sharing your lovely pictures and making us part of your happiness journey. You both will be hearing from us very soon.

As for all the other participants we are very grateful and pleased to see you taking stepz towards awareness of your happiness. Keep on walking forward. The challenge is over but we hope that the memories and meaning behind the challenge will last a very long time.

With love & be happy,
Ana & Ilona