vrijdag 15 mei 2015

Joy is manifesting your desires

" Find out where your joy resides and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all." ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

We all have desires. It is our natural flow of life. For some, their desires come into their lives with ease, while others live in struggle and can't seem to manifest all they want. Maybe you have heard about the law of attraction. In short it is often explained as the law where like attracts like. All in life, everything around us, including ourselves, is made of energy. Everything moves and vibrates. We attract everything in life on the level we vibrate. Our emotions vibrate on energy levels and everything that we attract is a match to those vibrations. However, the law of attraction is more than like attracts like, it is also dislike attracts dislike. Doubt, fear and anxiety for instance, are emotions that vibrate on a low energy level. They are the manifestation blockers of our desires, because happiness and joy vibrate on a different high energy level. Unfortunately, when we are in doubt, we attract doubt. Just like fear attracts fear and so on. Your desires are always on the level of joy and love. Therefore if we want to manifest all the things we love and enjoy, the most important thing is to feel good. The theory sounds so simple, but in practice it is where most of us fail, because our current reality is a manifestation of our past emotions and feelings. Changing your circumstances is not easy when your current reality hits you in the face. It is important to have patience. Change in reality only happens if you persist in changing your thoughts. It is not until your positive feelings outnumber your negative feelings that you change your reality. If you want to manifest the life you want you need to tune into the right energy frequency first. Therefore, if you miss the joy you miss it all.



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