vrijdag 8 mei 2015

The happystepzchallenge: Memories

Dear happiness frontiers,

The happystepzchallenge ended a few days ago. We hope you had as much fun participating in the challenge as we had in creating it.

We have posted inspirational, funny and helpful quotes for a period of 30 days and asked you to take pictures inspired by these quotes. We were pleased to see all your wonderful interpretations. Seeing and reading your stories made us very happy.

As promised, we have a little surprise for the person whose creativity captured a quote the very best. After some deliberating we have decided that not one but two people embraced the spirit of the challenge to the fullest and deserve the spotlight. Esther and Linda you have truly conquered the happystepzchallenge. Thank you ladies for sharing your lovely pictures and making us part of your happiness journey. You both will be hearing from us very soon.

As for all the other participants we are very grateful and pleased to see you taking stepz towards awareness of your happiness. Keep on walking forward. The challenge is over but we hope that the memories and meaning behind the challenge will last a very long time.

With love & be happy,
Ana & Ilona

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