donderdag 30 april 2015

Photochallenge day 30

There was once a little Rabbit, who was living in a little garden, in a little house, with little companionship. He was living a mediocre life. Every day, from dusk till dawn, little rabbit filled his day with little habits; hopping in the garden, nibbling on grass or a carrot every once in a while.  All his friends left that garden as soon as they grew bigger, leading a big life, in a big house in a big garden surrounded by many. The little rabbit always held on to his little life, because in order to leave his little garden he had to jump of a big cliff. Whilst under that cliff there was a big air cushion to break his fall, the little rabbit was afraid to jump. He was afraid to let go of all that was familiar to him even though the big life was something he desired for a long time. The only thing that was standing between it was a jump and letting go.  One day, the grass in the little garden ran dry, and there were no more carrots to nibble on. Little rabbit panicked for a moment, but there was no other choice than to see this unfortunate event as an opportunity to move to the big garden he desired for so long. He walked towards that cliff that seemed so high, beated his little furry paw on his chest while he said to himself:"Just because I can't see what is underneath it doesn't mean it wont be better." Without a doubt, without looking back, the little rabbit jumped. Little rabbit didn't fall! He was flying! He felt free like a bird and enjoyed every minute. After a couple of minutes he landed softly on a big air cushion in the middle of the most beautiful and biggest garden he had ever seen. Although he never grew as big as the other rabbits, he lived happily ever after ofcourse.

The end.

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