dinsdag 13 januari 2015


Taking selfies is a hot item. Oxford dictionaries named selfie the word of the year in 2013. Scientists have written articles where they link taking selfies to narcissism or mental illness. Mental illness? That might be in some cases but let's get real, humankind feels the need to eternalize that face for ages. I bet if Vincent van Gogh would have lived today he would have taken 40 selfies a day, instead of painting those 40 portraits of himself and call it art. He might even have experimented with the right angle some more and would have discovered within a day that the right side of his face was the better one. Luckily he didn't and we can still take pleasure in his paintings today. Humans go to places where they clap, stamp their feet, move from left to right and shake their booty just because they enjoy doing it. It sounds a bit strange describing it, but it's called dancing and considered normal human behavior. Taking a selfie is nothing more than 21st century human behavior and it might be time for some scientists to stop racking their brains and accept the trend for what it is to most people; normal.

Personally I am not ashamed to admit I take selfies, because having your picture taken by others can be a bit embarrassing sometimes. I often feel uncomfortable. Especially on those days when you can't find the right pose without that awkward grin on your face and all you want to do is to aboard mission. Before you know it, that grin is all over your friends Facebook page or framed and hanging on someone's wall of shame. A selfie is a good way to take matters into your own hand.

Now that you are in control, how do you take the best selfie without photoshopping? I discovered that you can take a good shot with snapchat, actually it's a winner every time. Make sure you use natural light in one of the corners of your room, not too much, just a little to make those eyes shine and to give your face a beautiful natural glow. All that's left is finding the right side of your face, research shows that's usually the left side, and give it a 25 percent smile. Success guaranteed, no filter needed. Don't go overboard with all the duck faces, body parts and gymselfies. They say, less is more. As long as you stick to the principles mentioned above there is no need to consult a psychiatrist for mental illness yet. Enjoy yourself, that's what life is all about.

Be happy,

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