zondag 19 april 2015

Photochallenge day 19

Even overall positive minded people can give a negative twist to their life on a daily basis without realizing it. They are often accompanied by this friend who's name is Complaining and he IS the master creator of doom. Most of us are tight buds with him. He is one of those in your face friends, who shows up in every situation to mess up the rest of your day with their negativity. When you are late for the train, you are (together with) Complaining, when it's raining, you are (together with) Complaining and when one of your co-workers gets a raise it is celebrated together with Complaining. A friendship with Complaining will only lead to more unsatisfying situations. Try to team up with friends like Little Miss Sunshine or Joy. They would love to have a bigger role in your life just as long as you let them.

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