donderdag 16 juli 2015

Outdoor activities are a happiness booster

Weather circumstances force Dutch people to be indoorsy most of the year. Personally I am an all season girl, but weather complains are not unfamiliar to a lot of us. I do not blame people for complaining. For at least 6 months out of every year our beautiful country looks like a grey painting, where the painter forgot to add a little bit of color. By the time spring arrives, we literally go all out. There is no stopping us. Spring flowers, fresh air, blue skies and a sun that is finally smiling upon us, is a happiness cocktail I get addicted to every year. The taste is so good it keeps me craving for more. On top of that, the cocktail is served with so many outside activities I sometimes need a reminder I have a home. Since happiness is contagious and to give you some ideas I made a list of all the fun outdoor activities that are a must do this summer.
1. Festivals

2. Every type of food event

3. Outdoor/ rooftop movie nights

4. Floating parties

5. Sunset picnics

6. Beach days

7. Nothing beats a bike ride

8. Jump in every pool you can find

9. Roadtrip!

10. Go cultural

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