maandag 12 oktober 2015

If monday is a flower

This is not a Dandalion, but a lovely flower anyway
If everyday of the week would be a flower, Monday would not be the prettiest kid on the block. It can not beat the flair of a Sunday rose, nor has it the sexy curves of Saturday nights' Orchid. Monday is nothing but an ordinary Dandelion, trying to be loved, while being disliked by so many. Trying to fight the bad image of being weed, even though she is actually a wild flower. When it is time for her seeds to leave, she has the  ability to brighten up your day when those seeds are taken up by the wind and you watch them choosing their own path while flying away. The Monday flower can make your heart filled with joy like any other day. 

If you suffer from Monday morning blues, like most of us, you are forgiven. It is probably because you were looking for Saturday and Sunday things on a Monday. Naturally Monday can not deliver, it is hard to cope with so much pressure. Like the Dandelion she fights a bad image all the time, whilst she has so many to offer. Before you tune in on the Monday morning blues, think about all the things this day brings you like any other days; the love of family and friends, waking up after a good night sleep, enjoying the sunrise while sipping on a cup of coffee, doing a dance of joy because of your good health. These things are given to you on a daily basis if only you could see the beauty of it. 
Be happy,

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