woensdag 11 november 2015

State of mind

The mind is a powerful thing. The mind can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. When in a positive state of mind you have the power to process anything that comes your way easily and you will find the necessary solutions to any problem or obstacle. However, when your mind is filled with negative thoughts you open your mind to fear and doubt. Creativity and insight gets blocked and it is much harder to find your inner strength and happiness. A negative mind can be very stubborn, making it hard to change direction.

How to change your state of mind when you are in a train not towards happy town but towards the train station of doom? The answer lies in the way you look at your brain. Your mind is nothing more than a muscle and muscles can be trained into a powerful positive force. I have recently read an article about Philippe Petit, the man that walked on a high-wire across the Twin Towers in the 70s. The article mentioned how he manipulated his own mind by eliminating negative thoughts. He focused on repeating certain positive thoughts over and over again. It helped him getting rid of his fears. Philippe was not manipulating his mind. He trained his mind to stay focused on positive and powerful thoughts that gave him strength. You can also train your mind to be a strong and powerful tool. Find yourself a positive mantra you can repeat infinitely. For every negative thought, fear or doubt you have, create a positive counterpart and repeat them as many times a day as you can until it becomes your reality. Every time your mind wanders off to the dark side change tracks by repeating your mantra.

Your first few attemps might feel awkward or even unsuccessful. However, the importance of training any kind of muscle is patience and repetitiveness. Remember the first few times you visited the gym or started a new training? Afterwards you felt like you have been put through the wringer and you doubted you could ever get in shape, BUT eventually you got stronger. The benefit of training a muscle is that once it is trained, even if you don't use it for while, muscle memory kicks in when you need it again. Making it easier to get back at the same level. It is easier for a trained mind to stay on the happy train track. A world of positive vibes will open up to you. To help you get started here is a mantra: A happy mind is a strong mind.

With love, Ana

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