woensdag 31 december 2014

Fast dying enthusiasm

We are Ilona and Ana and we have been suffering from fast dying enthusiasm for years now. Are you familiar with the phenomenon of enthusiastically enrolling into new projects when spotted, but then the enthusiasm quickly fades away because of lack of time or effort? Great plans that never actually follow through? That's what we call fast dying enthusiasm. Many great ideas have come to mind these past couple of years. Some died within a few seconds, others slowly disappeared into oblivion over time. However, there is one project we actually managed to finish, and that left us with such an overwhelming feeling of euphoria that we cannot but share it with you. 

Last February, on a cold winter day, we bumped into a website called 100happydays.com that challenges people to stay happy for a hundred days in a row. The task? Taking a picture of your happy moment every day. Lack of time is why many people fail to finish the 100 happy days, most likely they suffer from fast dying enthusiasm like us too, or they might have taken procrastinating up as a hobby. We were drawn to this project because we could use a good kick in the butt towards happiness at that time. Sometimes you are stuck in a cycle and so blinded you don't see the good things that are right in front of you. Those little things that make life worth living. If you are able to be grateful for the smallest of things, your life will effortlessly start flowing towards all your desires.

Sure. We love photography, therefore the challenge of one selfie a day, would not have been so difficult to play. So how can one picture of a happy moment every day create happiness? Well it doesn’t, it’s the thought behind it that does. Let’s rephrase that question, can you sum up at least ten things that make you happy every day? Take a moment to think about that. Some people cannot even name five. How long has it been for you to really take the time to smell the roses on a lovely spring day? This all gets you thinking, right? That's exactly what this project does to you. It makes you ponder life, the things that are really worth living and it gives you a huge appreciation for all that already is. Adding a little bonus to that, to avoid hundred of the same looking photos, you will plan many activities with your family and friends. Maybe you will even go wild, step out of your comfort zone, explore and do things you never did before. The result will be great documented memories, and a much happier you. 

The 100 happy days inspired us to be happier people.  It inspired us so much that we started this lifestyle blog where we would like to share nothing but happiness related topics. Fast dying enthusiasm, we have been officially cured.
After 100 days one bubble of happiness

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