zaterdag 3 januari 2015

Happy to-do list

I guess it's that time of the year again when everybody is busy making their New Year’s resolutions. Not me! I make a happy to-do list. The difference between those two, is that nothing on my list is a must do. It is a want to do instead.  I choose things that excite me and by doing so I look forward to subsequently crossing them off. That's the reason I completed about 90% of last year’s to-do list. I even got to cross three things off my bucket list. Then again you can say 2014 was a pretty awesome year.

Most New Year’s resolutions are all about self improvement through change. Changes are difficult for some people, because people tend to be creatures of habit, whether the habit is good or bad. It's comfortable like an old pair of sneakers. You know they're worn out and that they squeak every time you walk. However they are comfortable in their own way, even though you know a new pair is better for your posture, it's still a hassle to break a new pair in. So you try and make promises to yourself, but your heart isn't in it. In the meantime you feel the need to prove to all others that you can stick to your new found lifestyle. The pressure is on. End result? You don't stick to your plan and you are left with a horrible feeling of failure. Sound familiar?
This doesn't happen with a happy to-do list. There is no pressure or judgment if you don't do something, because it's only a list of all the exciting things you want. Heck you can add or remove things from your list at any time. It's all about the fun and the positive feelings behind it.  Your attitude towards things is not necessarily about improving yourself, but about enriching your life. When your list remains unfinished no harm is done, you can always try again later. It just means it wasn't something you really wanted after all and when you look back at everything you did check off your list, you will be filled with pride and a warm happy feeling.

So if you want to stick to your old smelly sneakers. By all means, go ahead. No judgment here. Make a list filled with things that bring a smile to your face. My list sure does.

There's no need to improve yourself if you don't really want to. You are awesome just the way you are. Are you ready to have a great year filled with things worth doing? Leave your happy to-do list in the comment. We would love to hear what fun things you're planning to do.

With love, Ana

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