dinsdag 20 januari 2015

Beat the January blues

Every morning on my way to work there is but one expression that's on almost every face I encounter. It doesn't matter if people are glued to their phones, listening to music or simply staring blankly into space. They all look miserable. I must confess I am not a morning person. People who know me tend to keep their distance. However, in January I am not the only grumpy looking one.

Due to the weather and its limitations the winter months can feel very harsh. You won't likely find people picnicking or having a BBQ during the winter. January can feel like the longest month of the year. There is little excitement, there are only the gloomy and cold days. To get me through this month I plan loads of fun things to do. This way time seems to pass by quicker and I constantly have something to look forward to. There is one good thing about January that can help you get through the month. One four letter word that gets a positive reaction from the grumpiest of us all. Yes ladies and gents I am talking about sale! Solden, saldi, uitverkoop, saldos. Doesn't sale sound great in any language? After all the shopping you did for others in December it is time to treat yourself and sale is the universe's way to tell you, you deserve it. There are cities known for their sales in January. One of them is Antwerp in Belgium. Antwerp is a great city to visit any time of the year. Now it has been a long time since I've been in Antwerp, I figured what better way to get me through the January blues then by planning a shopping trip.

To get myself in the mood I searched the web for some advice. I also interrogated my friends so that they would share all their secrets and give me inside know how. It isn't only fun to do, but it's also another way to keep your mind off the cold and dull weather. I found a lot of information on the internet about where to shop and where to eat. Sometimes researching a city before visiting can be overwhelming. You can find so much information on the do's and the don'ts. Everyone has an opinion on things and you often read different revues on the same topic. Who and what to believe? I think the most important thing is to have an open mind. The less expectations you have the better it will be, because if you don't expect anything it can only surprise you in a good way. Read the online revues, write down street names and places you think could be nice to visit, BUT don't let that dictate your visit. Because it is YOUR day. What you experience and how you feel refers to who you are as a person. Keep that in mind and you'll have a great time. 

That been said if you agree with me and think planning a shopping trip can help you with the January blues, then check out my do's and don’ts on how to increase the fun of your day shopping in another city. I’ll be posting this in a few days.

With love, Ana 

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