donderdag 22 januari 2015


 A sales hunters word means nothing when not delivered, therefore I hereby present you my top ten list to increase your happiness during your city shopping trip. Remember this is my opinion, take my advice if you want to, but make it your own.

1. Dress sensible. If you want to try out clothes before you buy them, it is better to have clothes on that you can easily take off. There is nothing worse than knowing you have to take off those incredible tight jeans every time you want to try something out. Same goes for many layers of clothes. You can look great wearing something casual and practical.
2. Make sure you wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in. Your feet are the most important companion on your day out shopping. Be good to them and don't cause them unnecessary pain.
3. Don't just stick to the big brand names. You often find the nicest things in little unknown shops. They’re often hidden in little alleys, so be adventurous and look around.
4. It's always good to have some cash on hand. Nowadays, I hardly ever have cash with me, but in other cities it can happen that they don't accept your debit card or you can only pay with cash.
5. Antwerp is only a two hour drive from where I live. So there is a mini road trip bonus added to my shopping spree.  Bring some snacks and drinks on the way, because unexpected traffic jams or delays can always be a problem.
6. If you like it, buy it. Many times I have gotten home from a trip and hated myself for not buying that cute little dress. Trust me, you will regret it if you don’t. It’s not like you will be over there shopping again next week and if you do buy it and decide it isn’t all that, you can always make someone else happy with it.
7. Google maps is my best friend when it comes to checking out the surrounding area beforehand. I don't want unexpected high phone bills or use a navigation app, therefore I make print screens to see where I need to go without having to use the internet. You can always own up to being a tourist and use an old-fashioned city map.
8. Check out trip advisor for the best place to try local coffee and pastries. This way you can entertain the ones at home with your fantastic food photos on Instagram, during your well deserved break.
9. When in Rome do like the Romans. When in Antwerp do like the Antwerpians?! No idea how or what they do? Then improvise. Remember the people who live there, know their city the best. Follow their lead, preferably without stalking. 
10. One more thing, have fun!! That's the reason you are doing this in the first place.

Enjoy your January trip.

With love, Ana 


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