woensdag 28 januari 2015

Let it flow

Life is ever changing. The ways we deal with these changes define our future. All the seeds that you plant right now, you will harvest later. That might be tomorrow, in the near future or years from now. Circumstances and unexpected life changes can be a struggle sometimes. However if we struggle in the now, we will attract struggling in the future, and that resistance will prevent these seeds to grow. So how can we let these seeds grow? 

Water your seeds of life

We simply need water.  Bruce Lee once said: "Be water, my friend." Water flows, water is strong, water adopts to every environment. The principle of becoming water is not a new concept. Bruce Lee was referring to what is called in Taoism wu wei 無為. These words can be translated as non-action, or let things take their own course. 

How to get into a state of effortless action

A world opened up to me when I first got introduced to the term effortless action, going with the flow.  When I think of flowing I imagine myself lying on an inflatable yellow boat, floating on a friendly blue colored river down the stream, surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees on the river bank. Some happy little clouds in the sky that are smiling from above. Alright, I am pulling a Bob Ross here, but can you still recall that calm voice, happily explaining how to make a (happy) painting and you immediately wanted pick up that brush and paint because he made it look so easy? This is the same principle, different setting. Get on that boat now, because effortless floating on life principles is that easy. 

Don't suppress negative feelings

There are only two ways to go, against the current or floating down the stream. Feelings of fear, worry, doubt and anger make you go against the current. It's important to know that you should never suppress those feelings. Acknowledge them, because they are not only part of your life stream, they also represent the things you are not happy about. However, since you are aware of them, you can make those important life changes.  Know that you are headed the wrong way and turn around. Just remember that if you hold on to these feelings too long they will put you in a state of resistance, you will lose good energy and your actions will become an effort. Now, don't go hastily turning around rafting down that river with high speed as soon as you hit some rock you don't like. Life is about balance. Imperfections appear in our reality so we can learn from them, just calmly turn around and pedal forward so your life stream remains effortless. 

In short we can say, let your life unfold by itself. 無為 wu wei, non action, except when you need to water those seeds from time to time.  

Be happy,

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