woensdag 28 januari 2015

Happiness lies in the eye of the beholder

One of my bigger passions in life is photography. Mankind has been expressing themselves ever since the first caveman paintings some 40.000 years ago.  People only need their creative skills and imagination to produce beauty. Paintings, literature, movies, songs and so on, are all various ways how people are trying to speak to others.  Photography is one of my favorite forms of expression. Especially looking through the lens of a camera and taking that flawless picture. Or spending hours on apps like Pinterest or Instagram. Appreciating the splendor caught on camera by others. 

I wasn't a natural born photography lover. I remember when I was a kid I hated having my picture taken. I have tons of pictures where I look grumpy or I’m looking away from the camera. I blame my relatives. Although I have a professional photographer within the family, most of my relatives can’t take a good picture even if their lives depend on it. Seriously, I kid you not. Most of my childhood pictures are horrible. I have pictures where all the heads of the people in it, are cut off. Now a days when photos like that are taken they are called artsy. Hmm… maybe my mom was just ahead of her time however I sincerely doubt that. 

Depending on your age or affiliation with photography you may or may not have worked with analog camera’s. Back in the ‘dinosaur era’, you only had a roll of film to capture that perfect moment. That’s another reason why so many pictures were that awful back then. Once taken there was no way back. Thanks to digital camera’s you can take and retake and adjust until it’s perfection. 

My view on photography changed once I got behind the camera myself. I finally got to see the world the way I wanted. Capturing my vision and how I feel at that very moment together in one perfect memory on film. One image speaks volumes. It can say something to me and speak a different language to someone else.  That’s the beauty of it. Interpretation is up to the imagination.     

                                                                                                                           With love, Ana

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