woensdag 11 februari 2015

The happystepz food scale

I absolutely love LOVE cheesecake and just the thought of it makes me drool. Not everyone is sold on cheesecakes and that is probably due to the fact that there are so many bad cheesecakes out there. What makes a bad cheesecake? In this case not his attitude. A bad cheesecake makes you queasy just after tree bites or feel like you ate a ton of bricks. Cheesecakes like other 'heavy' pastries are meant to be eaten in moderation but when rightly prepared you don't feel like you've ate a cement truck. The definition of a good cheesecake is a piece of pie that is well balanced, smooth and velvety. The keyword is balance. You need acidity as a contrast to the heaviness of the cheesecake and lets not forget the importance of the biscuit layer. Soggy or tough cake is not a good companion to the cheese.

This recipe is my version of a good cheesecake. It is well balanced and oh so delicious. Before I share my recipe, for future references I have decided to add my own scale of measuring to indicate the difficulty and amount of work required to make a recipe. This was quite a challenge because how can I classify something as difficult or easy? What comes naturally to me may be a nightmare for someone else. I believe cooking and baking is something to be enjoyed, not something to stress over. If a recipe does not turn out the way you wanted, salvage what you can, order pizza and try again another time. That is why all my recipes and their level of work are based on how much cooking experience, patience and determination is required to make it. Not on how well you bode in the kitchen. Truly anyone can cook, even you!

The happystepz food scale

Easy peasy:
Even the Carrie Bradshaws of the world who use their ovens to dry their sweaters can do this.

Happy Days:
These recipes require a bit more attention and time, but it is still child's play.

Put your back into it:
Just like Ice Cube said: “You can do it, put your back into it.” This only means you need to take your time. Do not rush through the recipe. Remember a little hard work never killed anyone.

The Einstein level:
Do not worry I will not be asking you to pull a Heston Blumenthal. This recipe requires a certain skill set. Keep in mind skills can always be learned.

Everything comes to you in the right moment. Be patient. The cheesecake recipe will be posted tomorrow.
With love, Ana ♡


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