zondag 8 februari 2015

Having a bad day? Make a trip down memory lane

Buddha's words "What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create", are to me THE life basics in three short sentences. It is basically all you need to know in order to create the life you want. We are all creators and our current reality is a mirror of our thoughts and feelings. Once you are aware of that, there is nothing standing in your way to deliberately create. 

If you create your reality with your thoughts and feelings, does that mean that you have to be the happiest camper alive all the time in order to get your desired outcome? That might be a bit unrealistic. Some lessons need to be learned in order to get some happystepz ahead. Those unavoidable lessons a side, sometimes there are days when you are stuck in an unhappy funk for no reason. We all have them. Waking up in the morning while you still feel like sleeping. No signs of the chirping and singing birds who are usually celebrating a new day with you. One peak at the grey clouds outside is telling you the sun is not going to shine anytime soon, neither on this rainy day nor in your heart. My funk is really at the lowest point when I skip my daily "singing and dancing in the shower pretending I am at a karaoke bar" one man show. When your day is starting like this, matters often go from bad to worse. It's what I call the law of attraction in action. 

How to get out of the funk and back into the flow? Your mind can break you, but it can also make you. It means that it's up to you to turn your funk around. If you can't find your happiness in the now, relive your past moments of joy. Make a trip down memory lane. Personally I have some different mood lifting packages that work every time. Mine include:

- "When I lived in China" pictures and video's. Even though it's been ten years, these pictures still make me smile, the video's still  make me laugh and the love of those friends still give me an intense feeling of happiness today. 
-"Singing and dancing failure" video's. Unfortunately BUT fortunately there are many video's of me where I dance a bit weird or I passionately sing a song where I got the lyrics all wrong. 
- "Last vacation" Spotify playlist. Always make a separate playlist for your holidays because it brings back so many memories if you play it again on the funky days. 

These things not only lift your mood, but thinking about these moments also make you appreciate all that you've already created in life, so build from there. Gratitude is your new attitude. 

Be happy,

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