zaterdag 25 april 2015

Photochallenge day 25

In our lives we attract the things we focus on, therefore focus on the things you like. Like attracts like. It is often the case that we give too much energy to things that don't serve us. It might be a thing, or a person, either way, the chasing can suck all the life out of you. It can leave you feeling exhausted and lost. On your journey, you were so occupied with the chasing that you have forgotten to follow the signs that the universe has given you. It is like that butterfly remember? Running around, chasing, but not catching. When you notice the exhaustion from all that chasing around, take a pause and find a rock to sit on. Let your mind wander towards the things you desire. Notice that while you are resting, and taking the time to enjoy your surroundings and studying that map with all the signs on it, the butterfly has finally come to sit on your shoulder.

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