woensdag 3 juni 2015

How to quiet your mind

"Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave." ~ Remez Sasson

You are a creator of your own reality, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. When I first started reading philosophical and spiritual books and became aware or my "creatorship" I was trilled! I imagined myself being some genie in a lamp appearing on my own command anytime I felt a wish needed to be fulfilled. A bit odd when you think about it, appearing on your own command. It is basically the same as talking to yourself and expecting to be answered. Maybe we all do it, but nobody ever feels the need to mention it during a coffee break at the office and expects to be seen as "normal" afterwards.

That 'me being a genie' dream got shattered quite quickly when I had an epiphany. I realized that my awareness of my creatorship didn't just suddenly make me a creator. I have been creating my whole life, the good things and the bad. I must say that sometimes I wish that I could command the genie-me to take a big eraser and make all my errors go away in one "poof". 

Your reality is a mirror of all your thoughts and emotions. It is a reflection of all the good and the bad inside of you. Although bad feelings are a good indicator of changes that can be made, there are moments when your thoughts and emotions feel uncontrollable. Your mind is all over the place and if you can't get a hold of that clutter, your reality will reflect the unstable state of your mind in negativity and problems. However, as a creator, you hold the power to change what ever you want. You can control your thoughts by quieting your mind. Get a hold of the clutter that is clouding your reality and get back into a state of balance.

When my friends talk about their problems, I always advise them to quiet their minds. They often think about meditation when I say that and their response is that they can't sit still and think of nothing. While meditation is an excellent way of quieting your mind, it is hard for many people to lock their minds and think of absolutely nothing. It takes practice and skills and it is something that you can master over time. By quieting your mind I merely mean getting rid of that clutter, and shut down those negative voices in your head. If you think you don't have any negative voices inside your head, take a look at your reality and the things you don't like. They are the manifestations of your thoughts and we all have them. 

Enough theory on this matter, how can you put it into practice? When you meditate, let your thoughts flow. When negativity enters the mind, just let them be and direct your thoughts towards the things you do want in your life. If you are not a "I can sit and be quiet" person, keep on reading our blog because we are quieting our minds by doing many things that give us joy.

Be happy,

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