zondag 7 juni 2015

The joy of painting

“Now then, today let’s just have some fun and enjoy it, let our imagination take us to some beautiful places and see what happens.” – Bob Ross

Last Sunday we took an empty canvas and had a little fun in creating a happy place just like Bob Ross did. Never heard of Bob Ross? Bob had a show called "The joy of painting" and it was really a joy to see him paint a beautiful landscape in just 30 minutes with a few strokes of his paintbrush. When I mention Bob Ross to people, the response is overwhelmingly positive. I think because of Bobs contagious enthusiasm. Yes happiness frontiers, enthusiasm is contagious. This is a bug you don't mind catching. It wasn't just his skills that made him so beloved. It was the way he inspired people through painting. His positive mindset and his encouragement make us believe we can create anything we want.

Painting like Bob isn’t as hard as it may look. It is all about having fun and letting go of everything else. Bob said: “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”  So pick up a paintbrush, watch an episode of "The joy of painting" and start creating happiness. The canvas is blank for you to create whatever your happy heart can imagine. To maximize the fun dress for the occasion. Imagine yourself painting on a patio overlooking a field of daisies somewhere in France. Quiet your mind by letting go of all thoughts and let your inner artist run free. Don’t forget to add a little tree friend to your painting because everyone needs a little friend.

With love, Ana

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