zondag 21 juni 2015

The power of thought

When created my happy to-do list at the beginning of this year, fun cycling trips were amongst the things I listed. I knew very well that I didn't own a bike at that time and I either had to borrow or get one. In my mind I saw myself hopping on my bike at any time to go to the beach, a festival or any other fun event. This meant that owning a bike was what I wanted, so I quickly changed my list and added a bike on it. I also decided I wasn't planning on spending a lot of money on it, the less the better.

I live in a country with bicycles in abundance, surely there has to be one bike that has my name on it. I had all the faith in the world I would get my bike, the only thing I didn't know was the how and the when. I didn't care about the how and the when, my thoughts where only about the joy I would have riding my bike. Everything else wasn't of any interest to me. I truly knew and believed that I would get a bike no matter what.

Time passed by and I went on with my life, but in the back of my mind there was this strong belief that one day I would have my bike. My thoughts would drift to visions of me on a bike, smiling and having fun on my awesome looking bike. The joy that it gave me was overwhelming. Whenever I had the chance I would look for pictures of bikes, picking out the ones how I wanted my bike to look like. This was also pure bliss.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in May my desire became my reality. I was talking to my uncle and out of nowhere he mentioned that a friend had a bike she no longer wanted. One phone call and a car drive later I was in possession of my bike. Not only did I get a bike, I got it for free! I pimped my ride  with a few accessories and now it just looks like the one in my dreams. My desire became my reality because I believed in it with all my heart and I never gave negative thoughts a chance to cloud my belief. You too have the power to make your desires a reality, you only need to believe.

With love, Ana

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