maandag 26 oktober 2015

Fall happiness

Saying goodbyes to a warmhearted summer logically gives sadness to many, since it is the season where sunshine paints the world in bright and shiny primary colors. It is blunt, it is out there. There is no way to deny it, this in your face style of painting wraps us all in her blanket of happiness. When fall sets in, she changes her style to soft pastel colors and gentle strokes, which is more subtle but just as beautiful if you learn how to appreciate it.

Every season has its own charm. In spring we are greeted by the most beautiful flowers, but in fall it are the leaves that wave in the wind to say hello. The rain can be brutal, but it can also leave the world in a moist of mystery. This season brings so much joy, that we have put our favorite ten must do's in random order for you:
  1. Photographers are going out of their minds, there is so much beauty to capture.
  2. It's the season of the hot chocolate and marshmallow comeback.
  3. Put your boots on for a long fall stroll without having your toes freezing off yet.
  4. In China men invite women to watch the beauty of the red leaves together. (They 一起看红叶) or with other words, bring the romance back alive. 
  5. It's the perfect season to look adorable in knits. 
  6. Summer heat is no longer an excuses to procrastinate running.
  7. Spending more time indoors, means more time to pick up a new hobby, do a meditation course or any other thing you have been wanting to do for a long time. 
  8. Fall is a good excuse to be seen in a onesie again.
  9. Go pumpkins! Nothing says fall happiness more than eating homemade pumpkin soup, drinking a pumpkin spice latte at your favorite coffee house or carving pumpkins to decorate your house. 
  10. Just a few more days till All Hallows Eve, the night of the horror and the dead, the trick or treats and dressing up without anyone calling you crazy. Pure scary bliss!
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Have a joyful day!

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