donderdag 29 oktober 2015

A healthy body and mind

Like most people I have a busy life and a job that requires my full attention. It can be quite stressful at times. If I am not careful it consumes most of my energy,  leaving me feeling too drained and tired to have happy adventures. I can only be on top of my game if I take care of myself. Eating healthy and exercising are important elements to a balanced life. However, I believe that this is not enough. Everyone needs alone time every once in a while. A moment when you can let go of everything else and just be, reenergizing your mind to find complete balance.

I often hear people say I don't have time. They find it a struggle to do everything in their life AND find time to reenergize. When you find life a struggle, you lose your balance. When you find balance, there is no struggle to be found. Take a step back, look at your schedule and prioritize. The people around you will understand if you need a moment to reenergize and in the end they will be grateful for the happier and healthier you. Remember there is a reason you have to put your oxygen mask on first before you help a child on a plane that loses pressure. How can you help others or do everything you are dreaming of if you are out of breath? The answer is simple, you can't.

To help you along the way I compiled a list of a few of my favorite ways to keep my mind healthy.

The morning ritual:
I start my mornings with a little ME time. I have issues leaving my soft comfy bed in the morning. Don't we all? So I take my time. I deliberately set my alarm clock earlier so I can snooze till I finally come to terms with having to leave my bed. First I catch up with the world and do a little social media browsing. After that it's finally time to say goodbye to my bed and start my day. For 20 to 30 minutes I do yoga and meditate, making sure my energy flows through my body and my mind is calm and peaceful. I listen to the soothing voice of Deepak Chopra while I let go of all thoughts and empower myself.  When I am done I hop into the shower and start my singing and dancing routine.  Reenergizing my mind and body only takes 60-90 minutes of my day.

Breath in, breath out:
If I feel stressed or jumpy throughout the day I take a few minutes to concentrate on my breathing, slowing down my heartbeat and emptying my mind. The good thing about breathing exercise is that you can do this anywhere.

The road to nowhere:
When the weather allows it I take a walk and let my feet decide where I will end up. This way my mind can be at peace and wander off to happy places. Just make sure you don't bump into any lamppost or cars on your walk to zen paradise.

Let your body take control:
Doing things that require your hands to take control is a good way to let your mind rest. Muscle memory will be activated and this way your mind doesn’t have to think about doing anything. Your body decides and your mind will simply follow. Gardening, cooking or painting are perfect examples of these types of activities that let your mind rest for a bit.

With love, Ana

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