dinsdag 3 november 2015

By changing nothing, nothing will change

Are you one of those people, like me, who have taken procrastination up as a hobby? It is not even a hobby you wanted in the first place, but you have just gotten so skilled throughout the years, it is hard to give it up. I am with you all the way. Having a mind filled with hopes and dreams, but going from A-THE MIND, towards B-THE REALITY can be a task instead of a pleasuring JOurneY, if you take the D tour from A to, E to Y, to Z, ending up a bit hopeless wondering if you are actually at B. Only to discover you have become a marathon runner running in circles. 

There are all kinds of reasons you are taking the procrastinated D tour, and most of the time, it is not even on purpose. It is like wanting the other job, but fear is preventing you from taking a step forwards, or wanting to lose weight and go working out, but the action seems exhausting. Not to mention the all day consuming things such as, work, kids, a household and social contacts. If we don't prioritize, our hopes and dreams fade into the background and our daily tasks make us run on autopilot. That can be perfectly fine if you are content with driving an automatic car. I am, however, a procrastinator who likes a sports car, driven by a hopes and dreams engine. I use the stick, I call the shots. 

How do you drive a sports car? You need to take the action to learn how to drive. It is always a matter of getting out of your comfort zone, and taking the first step. "By changing nothing, nothing changes,"Tony Robbins said. Once you get the hang of it, and you get into some kind of flow, things will go easy and you will wonder why you didn't take that step before. The procrastinating itself is more all time consuming and exhausting than the actual step. Therefore define what you want, give if all your focus, take that step forward and persist. From that decision making point the Universe will present you events and the right people to guide you along the way. All our role models didn't become great by sitting on the couch wondering about life, they were living life by taking the right actions. 

Be happy,

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