woensdag 25 november 2015

Take off your blinders

If I would tell you that you have won a small uninhabited island. What would you think or imagine? Do you see yourself relaxing on a tropical beach with a cocktail in hand having Johnny Depp as your neighbor? However, what if I would tell you that this island is a very remote island of the coast of Alaska somewhere in the northern hemisphere. What do you think now? Would your perception change? Are you still happy about this or do you feel disappointed and would you rather not receive this gift? Let me ask you another question. What if you've just booked a ski trip, are you excited about the thought of sliding down the mountain? What if you get there and there isn't any snow for you to slip and slide your way through? What would you do now? Would you stay indoors all day long sulking or would you see other possibilities for you to enjoy yourself?

I ask this because we create expectations and in doing so we create blinders. We only see one or two outcomes to a future we are yet to encounter. When things do not go as imagined we are left in the darkness we have created for ourselves. We have gotten lost because we have turn off the lights not allowing ourselves to see all the other possibilities to a bright future. Let us all keep the lights on, because only in the light we have the opportunity to see all there is. A small island in the northern hemisphere has endless possibilities, a cabin in the woods can be just as relaxing and fun as a house on the beach. A mountain site without snow is still a beautiful place to hike and wonder off. Take off those blinders and be open to all possibilities. That doesn't mean you cannot have future expectations or desires. I only encourage you to keep the lights on, making sure you will always find your way. 

With love, Ana

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