zondag 29 november 2015


The ultimate ten to do's on a relaxing Sunday

1. Sunday is THE day for sweet sins. At
Gracy's the perfect pancakes and waffles are being served for everyone's cravings. 

2. Sniff fresh air whilst slow pacing your morning run. Endorphin is like a tequila shot without a hangover, all the good without the bad! 
3. This day is the best day to be the coolest whilst looking your uncoolest. Say goodbyes to your make up, casual clothing and perfect hair and embrace the sloppiness.
4. There is a reason Sunday is called lazy! Cuddle up with a good book on the couch and embrace your inner sloth.
5. Sunday is the perfect day to let your creative energies flow. Pick up that paintbrush and paint your masterpiece, start writing your memoirs or continue your guitar lessons. Let creativity be your guide today. 
6. Meet up with good friends and spend your day catching up on the latest gossip, while warming your hands on your favorite hot beverage. 
7. It doesn't matter if you like blockbusters or indie, action or romance, get yourself a huge bucket of popcorn and some sweets and settle in for a good time at the movies.
8. Before Monday gets here with all her demands, have some alone time and pamper yourself. Take a bubble bath, meditate, hug your pets, do whatever helps you to reenergize. 
9. Every town or city has activities you can enjoy on Sunday. Check out the local paper to find out what your hometown has planned and you might end up strolling the local Sunday market or visiting an art gallery for free. 
10. The most important thing you can do is to take it slow, maybe you are recuperating from a hangover or a busy workweek. Sunday is THE perfect day to slow everything down, be in the moment and relax. 

Have a great Sunday! 

Be happy and with love,
Ilona & Ana

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