vrijdag 8 januari 2016

What if negative feelings take over

Let's be honest. We can't always float around in a happy bubble pretending the world is nothing but one happy place. Oh dear, wouldn’t that be lovely, but then there is daily life. It's called reality. In reality there is a combination of emotions that can be found. It's the contradictions that make life, isn't it? As there are highs, there are lows and as there is happiness there is sadness. If your life is well balanced, those ups and downs are perfectly fine. You will never be able to experience joy to its maximum if you haven't known sadness. 

Sometimes life is not as balanced as hoped. Things are causing you stress, worry or anxiety and getting back to a happy state of mind is more difficult than you would want it to be. You'll be knocking on the door of your happy bubble screaming to get in while staring at a door sign that says "sorry we are closed for today". Or worse, when you are truly out of balance there is the scenario where the happy bubble is taking off to the next station without you. Leaving you in stress, worry or anxiety for an awful long time. 

The last time that happened to me I tried to fight it with calming music, contrary thoughts, petting my cat. You name it, I did it and if not, I invented it. I am aware of thoughts creating reality. Stress, worry and anxiety will attract more of the same feelings. That's the reason I always try to fight these negative thoughts. However it's the fighting that causes the ongoing cycle of the same feelings. It's only when you have come to terms with your feelings and you observe them with ease, that they will dissolve by themselves.  Negative feelings arise out of negative thoughts, just let them be. Don't give them undeserving attention. You are not your mind. Detach from your mind and its clutter. As a result the negativity will lose its meaning. 

I always find Teal Swans videos on Youtube very helpful. If you really can't detach yourself from your negativity watch her video called How to stop worrying. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. 

Be happy, 


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